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We employ some of the top Yardi consultants and experienced real estate professionals in the market, so you don't have to

THE 5TH STREET TEAMWe make Real Estate Technology work for you.

Director | Data, Reporting & IntegrationsMiguel Pardo-Marín

Director | Data, Reporting & IntegrationsFabio Lembo

Senior Consultant | Data, Reporting & IntegrationsKaja Matlak

Analyst | Data, Reporting & IntegrationsImogen Bakhtiari

Analyst | Data, Reporting & IntegrationsAdam Henderson

Director | Implementation & OptimisationPanos Chatzipanagiotis

Director | Implementation & OptimisationCarla Girao

Director | Implementation & OptimisationGeorge Bishop

Contractor | Implementation & OptimisationShannon Dailey

Principal | Implementation & OptimisationSean Hollis

Principal | Implementation & OptimisationAdriana Chira

Contractor | Implementation & OptimisationAndreea Stoian

Senior Consultant | Implementation & OptimisationEleanor Everett

Manager | Support Services & TrainingCarolina Terno

Senior Consultant | Support Services & TrainingCandice Karenin

Consultant | Support Services & TrainingSantiago Lacruz

Managing Director | Strategy & AdvisoryMatthew Burnham

Non-Executive Director | Strategy & Advisory (US)Patty Proshek

Director | Talent Acquisition & Business DevelopmentPhilip Lord

Operations Director | Central ServicesJenna Higgins

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The 5th Street team consists of a group of like-minded individuals who collectively strive to provide an expert service to our clients.