CONTACTFrequently Asked Questions

Why 5th Street?

5th Street gives you access to some of the best talent in the industry with a combined experience of over 180 years in delivering transformation in real estate technology. We help you to deliver change that works for your business with a rare combination of real estate industry experience, system expertise and understanding of what it takes to deliver a successful project.

The 5th Street team operates as an extension of your own, committed to ensuring end-to-end success and advocating your strategy for change; our consultants leverage the firm’s collective experience of strategic advisory services, large-scale real estate system implementations and optimisations for a range of leading real estate investment and property management firm. We have a proven track record of leadership capability, solution expertise and network access including relationships with senior leadership of technology providers in the industry.

5th Street is a trusted and partner and advocate of your organization and our culture is underpinned by our commitment to delivering successful change.

Is my technology right for my business?

Investment managers and property managers have often approached our team with similar questions to this, especially the idea that a new technology provides the panacea to their business’ issues or the gateway to change. We encourage continuous review of your technology stack and of the wider technology landscape of the real estate industry.

5th Street’s Strategic Advisory Services provides you the means to develop your vision for your business through to a strategy with which the wider organization can get on board, to hone the short- and long-term objectives in the context of achievable change, competitive positioning and market outlook. We facilitate structuring the fundamental requirements supporting this strategy and consequently enable you to develop a best of breed Target Operating Model. Frankly assessing the current state and developing the TOM to support your strategy is crucial to establishing how processes, platform, or wider business structure should change to empower your strategy.

How can 5th Street help us with data migration?

Data Migrations are often underestimated with many processes being left untested against any data that is uploaded to the new system. 5th Street guides your business through the data migration journey by creating a full Data Migration strategy that includes planning, initial data analysing and scoping, mapping and technical testing, User Acceptance and Go Live cutover plan. We work on on automating the transformation process as much as possible in order to create a repeatable process embedded into a control and agile set of testing cycle to ensure all data gaps are address throughout the process from both a technical and business perspective. Co-ordination with key business users is vital to a successful deployment, which is why we establish and agree a clear action plan to track and co-ordinate dependencies.

Do you offer report-writing services?

5th Street offers full suite of reporting & integration services – from initial requirements gathering, analysis, technical specifications specification writing and development. We are able to analyse and document your reporting capability agnostic to existing systems, identify gaps and enhancements that we can design and deliver through native reporting tools of your platform or through connected reporting platforms. We also support and develop data models aligned to your planned solution architecture and business processes, enabling you to achieve better control, visibility and governance of your data.

How should technology projects be managed?

Projects in real estate technology tend to be either strongly business-led or IT-led, which on the one hand can lead to delivery with maximum flexibility and accommodation to changing business needs, but lacking appropriate controls and standardised processes, or on the other a project which is streamlined and controlled but risks falling short of potentially shifting business requirements and the ultimate desired outcomes. We bring your organization a hybrid approach which leverages the experience of both our business and technical consultants to foster business change and implementation of best practices in technology. We streamline and bring to bear the most effective parts of industry-standard project management frameworks, with our projects management always influenced or led by a delivery lead experienced in the subject matter.

Can I achieve a more automated integration of new lease data/amendments into my property management system?

Our Integration Portal provides you with a user accessible Portal that allows your business’ abstracted lease data to be transformed and imported automatically to your property management system on an ongoing basis. The Portal gives you the ability to review the imported data before pushing this to Yardi Voyager System and ensuring all data is validated before the final import.

We make Real Estate Technology work for you.